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Matth van Mayrit


Creativity, graphic design, Fashion & music

Thank you for visiting my webpage. I’ll keep you posted on my latest works and collaborations in visual identity, graphic design, corporate campaigns, creativity assessment and music. Please have a look to my two stores (fashion and print) and share some love on socials 🙂


  • Trabajo igualmente en español.
  • Je travaille également en français.
MAYRIT frame creation

Works and Services

Elegant Campaigns

Elegant campaigns from corporate to parties and events. Have a look and contract one of the three packs available.

Bertha Fantasia

Exclusive Posters

Looking for an arty poster to advert your event? Let’s give to your idea a unique visual life! Discover some examples of collaboration here.

Social media & Posts

Your event won’t look like the same way from now on! Give your project un upgrade and ask for a bespoke plan for your social media posts.


Latest posts

Expand your ideas

Publishers, musicians, interior designer: think big, bold and elegent for your next projects

Mister Benjamin James EP

EP & CD Artwork

Editorials for performers

Matth Van Mayrit Wallpaper

Wallpapers and interior design

Looking for some fashion or gifts?

T-shirts (Menswear, Womenswear), accessories, prints (of all size) and more: discover the most recent items from the MAYRIT creative factory. 

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